The Problem We Solve

Ammonia is produced by the Haber-Bosch process that yearly emits 450 Mt CO2

Uses Hydrogen Gas

Production of hydrogen gas is polluting

Requires Extreme Reaction Conditions

Temperature, pressure, and substrate purity

Mega Production Facilities

Ammonia is produced remotely from market

“The world will need more ammonia but cannot afford the emissions that come with its production“



Million tons of CO2

are emitted each year by ammonia production

NitroFix Technology

Ammonia production

with zero emissions

A one-step electrochemical reaction of water and air at low voltage

Water and air

Plentiful substrates for production of green ammonia

Low Environmental Impact

Zero carbon (CO2) emissions

A Modular and Decentralized Production Platform

100 to 100,000 tons ammonia per year

Decentralized Ammonia Generator

Green Ammonia Market


• Presently 160 million metric tons of ammonia are used annually and is associated with high fossil consumption and CO₂ emissions.

• Green ammonia will enable farmers to increase crop yields and mitigate the environmental impact of traditional ammonia production, thereby fostering agriculture that is more sustainable and climate-conscious.

Industrial Applications

• Ammonia is used in various industries related to polymers, personal and home care, food, as refrigerant among others.

• Transitioning to green ammonia will allow these sectors to embrace a sustainable solution that is aligned with the growing demands for sustainability, thereby meeting the expectations of consumers who seek eco-friendly products.

Maritime Fuel

• Green ammonia as a maritime fuel has important promise for the industry’s effort to decarbonize.

• Substitution of fossil fuels green ammonia can significantly reduce the environmental impact of maritime shipping since ammonia combustion will form only eco-friendly nitrogen gas and water.

Green Energy

• Hydrogen is being recognized as a versatile and eco-friendly fuel, but its transportation and storage poses significant challenges.

• Green ammonia can address those challenges acting as a hydrogen carrier.


Million tons of CO2

are emitted each year by Maritime Transportation


Nitrofix raises $3.1 million Seed to produce ammonia from water and air By using water as a source of protons instead of fossil fuels, the Israeli startup’s technology reduces the activation energy needed to combine nitrogen with hydrogen.

NitroFix wins Israeli Climate Awards.

The company, which competed against dozens of other companies, works to produce ammonia in a clean way, with zero carbon emissions.

Ammonia is really going to change the world

Ammonia could be the next big thing in carbon-free fuel

When thinking about industries that need to cut carbon emissions, ammonia production doesn’t necessarily come to mind. However, its production actually creates about 500 million tons of carbon a year. Israel-based NitroFix thinks it has a solution for this, and the startup raised a $3.1 million round led by Clean Energy Ventures to advance it.

NitroFix is one of eight finalists of E44 Ventures & Polaroid Sciences Demo day competition

The Team

Ophira Melamed, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

Meital Alon, PhD

CTO & Co-Founder

Yehuda Borenstein

Board Member & Co-Founder

Prof. Ronny Neumann

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Our Investors